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Five stars for Tomorrow’s Anecdote

*****5 stars 'A highly entertaining read!'
This was a great read with a good pace throughout, smattered with humour and dry wit. From the tense opening, it brought back memories of the time; the political climate; the strikes and general unrest about picketing- though the aspects of journalism were totally new to me. Having read this at a time when storms were raging outside the house the recount of Great Storm of 1987 and its repercussions were so believable. The layers of the story gradually unfold, each interwoven so well that they seamlessly merge. It's very easy to empathise with Clare Forester, though there are times she seems to need a good shake up to reality. Her relationships with her teenage daughter are full of the trials of youth; those with the men in her life are a delight to read, Colin in particular. The best relationship I found was the one with her awful mother- best left alone! I really enjoyed reading towards the end since there were a few possible scenarios playing in my mind, though none quite matched the finale.
nanjar, 1 Jan 2014

*****5 stars 'First-class entertainment'
A dramatic opening made a really good introduction to the main character. The story moves forward with excitement and intrigue with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found it first class entertainment.
Mascaroy, 21 Jun 2013


*****5 stars 'Genius'
A good quality read that had so much pace and the wry humour woven with rare skill . Brought back memories of the print industry.
Mrs Josephine Roberts, 16 Jun 2013
*****5 stars 'Loved it!'
Finished Tomorrow's Anecdote - loved every minute of it ... Was transported right back to the eighties ... Can't wait to read the next! Brilliant!
lookbothways, 11 May 2013

***** 5 stars 'Twists and turns'
Sets the 1980's scene with conviction. You can see the hair, hear the music and wonder what's underneath the shoulder pads. Good story with likeable characters which twists and turns in all kinds of unexpected ways buts keeps you smiling at the same time.

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